It has been a long time since I have taken the time to write here, Sorry. 

From as early as 2001 having finished my training as a Counsellor, with no money, a job, a beautiful new wife and hopes for the future, I set up a voluntary support service for those suffering as a result of Stress, Anxiety, Trauma, Panic Attacks, Bullying and False Allegation in the workplace and life in general.  20 plus year laters I am still here. Happily married, a father, fatter, balder and I would say wiser but lets say more understanding of the world, which sounds better better than miserable cynic.😉  

In 2002, when blogging was a new and exciting way of sharing knowledge I set up this site, and it was free. The hope then as always, was to try and help those in need.  I still don't have all the answers but will do my best to support people to find their own answers and way through their difficult times.

 "The impact of stress can be felt at all levels and within every walk of life. The negative influences of stress are damaging not only to ourselves, our families, loved ones and business but also to the fabric of society and will continue to do so until this issue is taken more seriously by all who can affect change"

                                                                        M. Reddy Irish Independent 2002 

 Stress is essentially reflected by the rate of all the wear and tear caused by life. although we cannot avoid stress as long as we live,we can learn a great deal about how to keep its’ damaging side-effects, distress, to a minimum.”
Hans Selye, M.D.

Mark Reddy M.Sc.  Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Mediation and Conflict Resolution,  Consultancy and proud Mental Health Advocate


Fingal Person of the Year - Mark Reddy


At this time I had no clue that those I had proudly worked with in An Garda Siochana had come together to nominate me for the award of Fingal Community Person of the year. 

It was even more shocking when I won the section I had been nominated under! I'd be lying if I didnt say I had a tear in my eye and a feeling of shear pride that evening, and ever since. I had proudly been given two seperate awards from the Garda Representative Association previously for "working above and beyond the call of duty", one of which has only once ever been given to a member of the poblic I believe. The words humbling and pride really don't do justice to these awards.    

This was the presentation speech by Mary Kennedy of RTE

“In 2002 our next nominee established a voluntary therapeutic support service helping members of our emergency services who suffered issues with mental health and trauma. He supports individuals, primarily members of the Gardaí 24 hours a day 365 days per year, alone. He established small groups of individuals in need of support in order that they can support each other.

To expand on this voluntary service, he developed an online forum for all emergency service personnel in which he has a secured welfare section. This allows him to support more members in need, those who may have been suicidal to find a way through their crisis.
He has voluntarily advised the Garda Representative Association on best welfare practice and researched the area in order to best advocate on behalf of those in need of support. 

He would never admit that there are many successful people helping others who are alive due to his support in their recovery from poor mental health and he has done this alone and voluntarily, believing that if you are not well in yourself you cannot be well for

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Mark Reddy.”

Mary Kennedy RTE