Stress Buster

How to Bust Your Stress before it can Burst You?

Constant stress can ruin your spirit, your motivation level and may even lead to a condition called COD-Compulsive Obsessive Disorder. Stress in you corrupts your motivation and you may even start wondering whether the life that you are leading is a meaningful one or not.

Under stress, you are easily charmed towards negative attributes such as smoking, addiction to alcohol and procrastination. By resorting to alcohol, you will get a false relief and this debilitating trait will enable you to lose your self-confidence and inner strength. At certain level, you will even start questioning the very purpose of your life.

The effects of stress are well known and the moment you feel the stress, you must decide to do something to handle it, lest the stress will burst you. Stressors also capable of affecting your spiritual well being, which lead to suspicion, jealousy, poor interpersonal relationship and sexual problems.The effect of stress is a chain reaction that will lead you to loneliness and a sense of inadequacy.

Under stress, your concentration level will take a beating and this may lead to accidents in factory or on roads.Stress in your life cannot be avoided altogether. You must learn how to bust your stress before it can start affecting you. Normally when you are under stress, you may fail to notice that you are under stress. But, if you can carefully analyse, you will be able to differentiate your stressful situations from that your normal situations.

The first step that you should put forward is to tackle the stress at its initial stage itself. You are aware that there are so many stress-busting techniques and you can start practicing them to get rid of your stress. You should develop your knowledge about possible stressors that can set in stress in you and know the possible ways to cope with them.

Majority of your stressful situations can be converted to a pleasant one with a slight change in your attitude and a strong will. You can learn to take your stress in your stride and start looking the stressors as an opportunity to show your excellence.

If you analyse your mental attitude carefully, you will understand that the stress in you was caused more from your opinion about the situation than that of the stressor itself.In this twenty-first century, stress is the most common cause for many of your ailments today, and the same is likely to continue without any respite. Hence, your life will be a battle against stress on an ongoing basis.

Coping with your stress is an ongoing process and your attitude and ability to cope with stress should not come down at any point of time, lest stress can burst you before you can bust it

Mark Reddy