Road Rage and Stress


The negative impact of stress and how we in fact manage it has effects in every aspect of our daily living routines.

One such routine that we can tend to take for granted is driving. Never before has there been so many fatalities and carnage on our roads. The high level of press and media coverage appears in some cases to desensitizes us to the very real fact that some of these incidences may in fact have a link to being stressed out at the wheel.

More awareness of our personal responsibility to take this issue seriously is vital, many times over the holiday period we are told to imagine how it would be if one of our family did not come home because of a needles and senseless accident that may well of been avoided if we took a little more consideration and maturity on the roads

Road Rage

The rate of aggressive driving or "road rage" has risen by 51 percent since 1990. Road rage occurs when a driver reacts angrily toward other drivers. For example, cutting them off, tailgating, giving obscene gestures, or waving a fist. Road rage is generally caused by stress, anything from being called into the boss's office to having an argument with your significant other. Road rage is often the flash point of the accumulated stresses in one's life.

Avoid Road Rage:

Don't take traffic problems personally
Avoid eye contact with an aggressive driver
Don't make obscene gestures
Don't tailgate
Use your horn sparingly
Don't block the passing lane
Don't block the right hand turn lane

Other Tips:

Allow adequate time for your trip
Create a relaxing and comfortable environment in your car (play relaxing music.) Stay away from aggressive drivers

Don't be another satistic, please take a moment before driving to check in with yourself, are you stressed? Does it matter that you're five minutes late? is it better to be late that to kill another person? Simple stuff when we think of it.

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