Having worked, trained and studied in the caring profession for twenty years, in 2002, I established 'HELP' a voluntary support service for those suffering as a result of Stress, Anxiety, Trauma, Panic Attacks, Bullying and False Allegation in the workplace and life in general

It became clear all too quickly that the issues of stress in our working and daily lives have very real implications on our health, happiness, families and society in general. 

This site was established in order to try and help those in distress. I don't have all the answers but will do my best to support people to find their own answers and way through such difficult times. This site I hope will allow for each person in need or interested in this area to get involved ask for advice and offer support.

The impact of stress can be felt at all levels and within every walk of life. The negative influences of stress are damaging not only to ourselves, our families, loved ones and business but also to the fabric of society and will continue to do so until this issue is taken more seriously by all who can affect change.


I hope, with your help to build up an effective and supportive site for any and all to use. I am happy to publish any articles or stories you might have that could benefit others suffering from the effects of work stress
. I will reply to all contacts in complete confidence.

How to use this site: 
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 Stress is essentially reflected by the rate of all the wear and tear caused by life. although we cannot avoid stress as long as we live,we can learn a great deal about how to keep its’ damaging side-effects, distress, to a minimum.”
Hans Selye, M.D.

Mark Reddy M.Sc.  Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Mediation, Consultancy,                                                         Mental Health Advocate