Apple Cider Vinegar and Stress

To treat nasty migraines, stress or headaches - apple cider vinegar is worth a try! Many naturopathic physicians believe that most headaches have a single cause: too much alkaline in the system. When the body chemistry is changed back to a natural acidity, headaches usually disappear or become mild and more manageable.

You can restore that level of natural acidity by taking apple cider vinegar in water in the morning and evening and at every meal. If your headaches are bad, try doubling the amount of apple cider vinegar. It’s also recommended to try two teaspoonful of honey at each meal to prevent a headache.

If the headache has appeared, however, take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar at once. Since it requires no process of digestion and will quickly be in the bloodstream, the headache will often begin to lessen by the end of a half-hour.
An apple cider vinegar vapor is also effective in relieving migraines. Put equal parts apple cider vinegar and water in a pan on the stove and bring it to a slow boil. Lean your head over and inhale as the fumes begin to rise from the basin. Inhale apple cider vinegar fumes for 75 breaths. Generally you will find that the headache stops for about half an hour. If it starts again, it will be about 50 percent less severe. The use of headache tablets can be stopped if the apple cider vinegar fumes method is employed.

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