A Basic Approach to Stress Control

Stress is a brief feeling of discomfort that can be brought on by a situation, mental state, or by the actions of others. Stress is very common and most people will have many stressful situations to deal with in their lives. The real trick is being able to manage the stress and the stressful situation in a way that does not leave you unable to function and work through the problem. Here are some helpful hints in how to deal with daily stress.

The most important thing you can do to reduce daily stress is to breath. This may sound simple, but many people forget to take deep breaths. Concentrating on breathing can help you to feel more at ease and able to cope with the situation.

Manage the things that can be controlled. Stress can spiral into feelings of anxiety if you try to control things that are not within your control. By identifying and taking action on the items that you can handle and recognizing and perhaps ignoring the ones you can’t, will help to relieve feelings of stress.

If your stress has been brought on by the actions of another person, you should try to find a way to let the person know they are causing you discomfort. While a confrontation might create more stress in your life, you can write a letter to the person and express exactly what is bothering you. You don’t actually have to send the letter and this form of therapy will often bring closure to the situation for you and allow you to move on.

Finally, take a break. Often times taking a short respite during stressful times can help you to feel rejuvenated and more ready to deal with a stressful time. This can be as simple as a nice long bath, or a walk in the park. Take some time for yourself and get your mind off your worrys, but most of all breath.

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